(To remain in force for three (3) years. Conditions effective from 1/01/14).


(a). The playing of all Pennant matches shall be controlled by the G.D.B.A. Match Committee. The G.D.B.A. Match Committee shall have the power to enquire into and adjudicate on any disputes or interpretations as may occur concerning The Laws of the Sport of Bowls, National Domestic Regulations, G.D.B.A. By-laws and Conditions of Play are to be applied.

(b). Infringement of the laws and/or conditions by a Club or player/s could invoke disqualification (player), loss of points or match (Club) as determined by the Match Committee and/or the GDBA Board with the latter being the final arbiter.

(c). No other fixture shall take precedence over, interfere with or interrupt Pennant competition.


(a). The Match Committee shall determine the number of Divisions and the total number of sides in each Division. Ten (10) sides shall be consistent with all Divisions where possible, governed by the number of entries received, to a maximum of nine (9) Divisions.

(b). Each side in a Division shall consist of three (3) teams of four (4) players.

(c). No Club shall have more than one side in Divisions 1 and 2. The Match Committee shall decide the number of Divisions. Regard shall be given to promotions and demotions with a maximum of two (2) sides per Club in Divisions other than 1 and 2.

(d). Where a second side from the same Club is permitted in any Division, below Division 2, through promotion/demotion or at the discretion of the GDBA Match Committee, they shall be identified as “A” and “B” - Refer Condition 7 (b) re Promotion and Demotion of Players.


(a). In all Divisions except the lowest Division, the two (2) lowest scoring sides may be demoted to the next lowest Division. The two (2) Finalists in all Divisions other than First (1st) Division may be promoted to the next highest Division. Subject to Condition 2(c).

(b). Any Club in lower than fourth place is not eligible for promotion.

(c). Nominations accompanied by the designated nomination fee close on the 30th May of each calendar year.

(d). The Match Committee shall advise Clubs, through the District Secretary, of promotions and demotions resultant from the Pennant competition by 1st December each calendar year.


(a). All Pennant players must be dressed in the correct attire to comply with G.D.B.A. By-laws and Conditions of Play, including the captain/manager of the side.

(b). Club coloured shirts registered with and approved by the G.D.B.A. shall be worn and must bear the B.A. logo.

(c). All members of a side shall wear trousers or shorts that are the same colour and design. (White & Cream are deemed the same colour).

(d). Long or short white/cream socks shall be worn with the club’s coloured shorts unless coloured socks form part of the club’s uniform.

(e). ALL members of a side must be similarly dressed in the GDBA registered club attire. Mufti clothing and headwear is not permitted. Reports of failure to do shall bring about disciplinary action against the player or Club with the maximum penalty imposed being a forfeit for a side.


(a) General.

(1). The starting time for all Pennant matches (trial ends completed) is 1.00pm. Changes to starting times, including special conditions for Island Clubs, must be notified and be approved by the Match Committee.

 (2). After the allocated starting time, only thirty (30) minutes grace is allowed for the late arrival of a side or a player in a side.

(3). The Games Director or representative of the Host Club shall act as the G.D.B.A. Deputy for the day, as such, can authorise the appointed umpire to allow the match to continue as per Law 33.9 (DR2.3) - concerning substitutes or Law 39.2.3 - incomplete sides ( DR 2.5 ).

(4). Trial Ends - If desired two (2) trial ends shall be permitted. The trial ends shall commence twenty (20) minutes prior to games scheduled starting time and must be completed before the scheduled starting time.

(5). Before the commencement of trial ends if there any evidence that any player has practiced on any allocated rink on the day of competition on which his division has been drawn to play shall be deemed ineligible to play on that day. Practice at venues must end one half hour prior to starting time. Law 4.4 and 3.4 ( DR 1.1.4 )

(6). Byes - If a side withdraws from the Pennant competition after the draw has been made, but prior to the commencement of the first round and is not replaced, the games concerned with such a withdrawal shall be treated as byes and no points or margins awarded.

 (b) Rounds.

(1). A “Round Robin” series shall be played between sides in a Division.

(2). The draw for each Division shall be as close as possible to an equal home and away basis.

(3). All rounds will be played on a Saturday unless prior approval received from the Match Committee.

(4). The games for all Divisions shall consist of 63 ends, i.e. 3 rinks each playing 21 ends.

(5). Play in all round and finals games must be played in accordance with the Conditions of Play (Appendix A of the laws)

(6). Forfeit: In the event of a forfeit during round play the side receiving the forfeit shall receive two (2) match points for a win and a shots margin equal to the average of net shots margin recorded in all matches played in that round in that Division. The team conceding the forfeit shall receive no points and be debited with a shots margin equal to that credited to their opponents.

(c) Round Scoring.

(a). During each week of round play every side’s match will attract two (2) points for a win.

(b). A tied side’s match will attract one (1) point to each side.

(c). At the completion of round play the side with the highest number of match points shall be the round winner.

(d). If a tie exists then the side with the highest overall net margin shall be the winner.

(e). If a tie still exists, the aggregate shots scored against each side shall be divided into the aggregate shots it has scored. The side with the highest result shall be declared the winner (Law 27.4).

(f) In the event that a tie cannot be resolved, the Match Committee may require a play off between the two sides to determine their final’s place.

(d) Finals.

(1). The Post Round matches in all Divisions shall be played on weekends following the completion of round play.

(2). The finals for all Divisions shall consist of 63 ends, i.e. 3 rinks each playing 21 ends.

(3). Preference shall be given to the Saturday with matches on neutral greens. Sunday play shall be called if deemed necessary.

(4). The Match Committee shall endeavour to have all finals played on the best possible greens available.

(5). In determining the winners of each Division, the leading side shall play the 2nd placed side and the 3rd placed side shall play the 4th placed side. The winner of the 1st v 2nd side shall be a finalist and the loser plays the winner of 3rd v 4th to determine the other finalist.

(6). Where two or more Sides are equal in ‘Total match points’ and it is necessary to determine finals positions, then the following shall apply - (1) Total Match Points, (2) Highest net score of shots, (3) The aggregate shots scored against shall be divided into the aggregate shots it has scored. The side with the highest result shall be a finalist. (Law 27.4 and Condition 5 (c) (f))

(7). In the event of the scores being equal at the completion of the finals match (21 ends each team), an extra end or ends shall be played to reach a decision, in which case Law 28.1 shall apply.

(8). Forfeit: All players in a side shall remain at the venue where the match is in progress until the result is determined. The side failing to observe this condition will be disqualified.

Winner of the final shall be Pennant champion.


(a). Players will only be allowed to walk up to the head as stipulated in Appendix A, A.4.1.7: and A.4.2

- Leads and Seconds - after the Seconds have bowled their second bowl.

- Thirds - after they have bowled their second bowl.

- Skips - after every bowl.

 (b). Position of Players (Laws 12 and 13):

(1). Players at the mat end of the rink, not delivering a bowl must stand a minimum of one (1) metre behind the mat.

(2). Other than the member of the team directing the head, all other players must be a minimum of two (2) metres behind the head, or on the bank.

(c). Delaying Play:

  If the umpire, either by his/her own observation or on appeal from one of the skips, decides a player is deliberately delaying play:

- On the first occasion the umpire will warn the player.

- If the player commits the same offence a second time the end will be regarded as completed and the opponents of the offender will score as many shots as there are bowls in use by such opponent.

- If the player offends the third time the game will be forfeited to the opponent.


(a). A player/s may be promoted to a higher Division at anytime (including finals games) subject to Condition 7 (f).

(b). A player/s may play in any Division in round play, up to and including the fifth (5th) game of round play.

(1). Player/s having played five (5) games in the same Division become tied to that Division and cannot be demoted to a lower Division.

(2). A player may be promoted to a higher Division for a maximum of two (2) games only without affecting that player’s qualification in a lower Division.

(3). A player promoted for more than two (2) games in a higher Division, automatically becomes qualified in the higher Division and cannot be demoted to a lower Division.

Note: Where a Club has two sides in a Division, interchanging of a player(s) between the “A” and “B” side shall be permitted for a maximum of two (2) games. Then Condition 7(b)(1) comes into effect, i.e. after a total of five (5) games have been completed in either the “A” or “B” side, a player is tied to that side and that Division.

It is the Club’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient players have qualified to play finals games. Where exceptional circumstances exist in player/s availability in finals games, the Match Committee may authorise the use of players from the Club’s lower Divisions.

(c). No player may be demoted for finals play (Condition 7 (f)).

(d). No player may play in more than one Division or side in finals play.

(e). Penalty for breach of these conditions shall be the same as for a forfeit (Condition 5 (b.6) or 5 (g.8)).

(f). Eligibility for finals games. - To be eligible for finals play a player must have played a minimum of two (2) games in the round play of that Division or (2) games in a lower Division subject to Condition 7 (a)).


(a). The captain/manager of a side, appointed by their Club, shall be a full financial member of the Club. They shall, at each Pennant game, in conjunction with the visiting captain/manager attend to the drawing of the rinks, completion of cards, toss for the sides possession of the mat and attend to the completion of the Pennant result sheet, with the players names and initials clearly printed.

The captains/managers shall ensure the trial ends (under their control and not the umpire) are completed to allow the game to commence at the designated time. The visiting captain should ensure that the time of arrival allows the completion of his duties. The Captain/Manager is the Club representative in all matters concerning the playing of the match, subject to the duties of the Umpire. He host club’s Captain/Manager should be in attendance at least one (1) hour before play commences.

(b). The Host Club shall provide a master scoreboard and arrange with the side captains/managers for the score to be shown at regular intervals. Rink scoreboards should show the “Home Side” on the left or the upper section.

(c). The result sheets with the Home side names and initials recorded on the left hand column shall be completed with the results clearly shown. The original shall be faxed to the GDBA Match Committee immediately after the game. If the Club does not have a fax the results must be phoned and a copy of the original sent to the Match Committee. The original (or a copy thereof) can be given to the visiting Club for their records. In the case of an unfinished match, the result sheets must show the score and number of ends played by each team when play stopped.


(d). All cards must be kept in the safe custody of the Club’s Games Director or representative until the result of the Pennants round has been declared by the G.D.B.A. Match Committee.


(a). All Clubs are responsible for the eligibility of all their players competing in the Pennant competition.

(b). A player must be a full financial member of the G.D.B.A Club he is representing, with the exception of Condition (d), prior to the playing of the first round of Pennants.

(c). No player may play Pennants for more than one Club within the Gateway District in any calendar year.


(1). Member/s of a Club/s in Gateway District, who hold membership of a Club/s in another District, within Queensland, and who have played or are playing in the current year in another District’s Pennants competition (any Division), are not eligible to play in the Pennants competition, in any Division controlled by Gateway District during that current year.

(2). A member may belong to two or more Clubs in the Gateway District Bowls Association’s area but will only be permitted to represent the Club where the player first rolls a bowl in a Pennant round.

(3). Any member transferring from another State or District and having resigned from his former Club, is not eligible to play Pennants unless he is in possession of an appropriate clearance and makes application to the District Board.

(4). Any member joining a GDBA Club from another State may only represent that club in Gateway’s Pennant competition providing the player/s has a “Pennants Only” clearance from his Interstate club. Such a player/s is not eligible to play in any other competitions controlled by the Gateway District.

Note: Condition 5 (b.6) applies. Failure to comply will invoke the same penalty as for a forfeit.



(1). If inclement weather or any other justifiable cause should prevent the commencement of a round or game, the games so affected shall be deemed a tie and the points halved.

(2). In the event of a match or matches being stopped and incomplete in round play, the match or matches being stopped shall be deemed complete if 40 ends or more have been played - points to be awarded on a win - loss basis.

(3). If a match or matches are stopped and incomplete in round play with less than the 40 ends played by the sides effected then the overall result shall be deemed a tie and points awarded evenly.

(4). In the event that all matches in a round are cancelled then zero (0) points will be allocated to all teams.

(5). Where individual matches in round play are cancelled, the Match Committee may permit such games to be replayed subject to the agreement of both clubs involved. These games must be completed prior to the commencement of Finals


(1). In the event of inclement weather prevailing, prior to the scheduled starting time, the Host Club’s Greens Director or delegated official, shall declare the fitness of the green of play, no later than 11.30am but not before 10.30am.

(2). Appeals due to inclement weather:

(1). An appeal upheld by the umpire from the Club’s delegated official, shall affect all rinks.

(2). An appeal, upheld by the umpire, from the side captain or Manager shall affect only the rinks on which the appealing side is playing.

(3). When a match has been stopped by mutual agreement or an appeal to the official umpire - Law 32. shall apply.

(4). If inclement weather interrupts any match, it may be completed at the discretion of the Match Committee.


(a). Clubs are to make their best greens and rinks available for Pennant play with preference given to the senior side. Clubs are required to provide the best “speed of the green” allowable through weather conditions. Play is to be arranged where practicable, in a north and south direction.

(b). Width of greens to be not less than 4.8m and not more than 5.5m.

(c). Play is permitted on artificial greens.

(d). Artificial lighting is permissible on covered synthetic greens. Artificial lighting on uncovered greens may be used to assist in the completion of rounds and finals.

(e). However if play is not possible on all outdoor greens, then play must cease on covered greens.

(f). Clubs shall have their green(s) and rinks ready for the start of the two trial ends. See Condition 5 (a.3).

(g). Where possible, social play should not be played on the same green as a Pennant round or final. In the event this is necessary a buffer of one (1) rink must be maintained between the two events.

12. AFTERNOON TEA. No afternoon-tea break shall be taken.


(a). The date of commencement of the Pennant season shall be no later than the last Saturday in July unless there are less than ten (10) sides in a Division. That Division(s) will commence later to ensure all Finals are completed at the same time.

(b). The entry fee for each Pennant side shall be determined at the September GDBA Board meeting each calendar year.

(c). Green fees:

(1). Round Play - All green fees for round play shall be paid to the players own Club.

(2). All finals - Host Club(s) shall be paid at their standard rate per player by the Captain/Manager of each side for all finals in which their side is playing.

(d). Provision of National Accredited Umpires/Measurers: The Host Club Games Director or Representative is responsible for the provision of a National Accredited Umpire/Measurer whose name shall be announced before play commences, Law 43. Should a Club not be able to supply an Umpire/Measurer, they should contact other Clubs for assistance or the District Umpires Committee.

(e). Junior male bowlers who are financial members of an affiliated G.D.B.A. Club are permitted to play Pennant matches. A Parent or Guardian must accompany a junior, except when a Registered Blue Card Holder accepts personal responsibility for a specific junior bowler.

(f). The use of electronic receiving devices by players and spectators - e.g. Mobile telephones, radios, paging devices - is not permitted within 6 metres of the green during play. (This does not apply to “on call” emergency personnel).

(g). Any side using temporary adhesive markings is required to have them all marked in the same manner on all bowls in use by every member of the side. (A large and small ring or a large ring and small dot, but not a mixture of both).


Division One Purple

Division Four Green

Division Seven Mid Brown

Division Two Navy

Division Five Gold

Division Eight Maroon

Division Three Red

Division Six Light Blue

Division Nine White


The G.D.B.A. shall award a Pennant to each Club winning a Division according to the colour grading in clause 14 and a badge to each of Sixteen (16) players for each Division, as determined by the winning Club.