Feel free to download some of these PDF files (you will need Adobe Reader) of some of my favourite Training Exercises, and print them ....

We laminate them and set up a skill circuit ...

We also have a couple of suggested 6 rink layouts .... Layout 1 & Layout 2 .

Exercises ....

You can set these drills using flapjack type targets, half tennis balls, etc. so that each excesses does not have to be reset if the obstacles or targets get hit .... we have even used cut down ice cream containers held in place with pop rivets.

Neville Wood-Bradley originally supplied some of these, and Les Davis of Logan City is to be thanked for adding more.

Backhand & forehand protection bowls.

Backhand & forehand short jack trail.

Backhand dead ball bowls.

Backhand gate to near ditch.

Backhand to jack in ditch.

Backhand trail into ditch.

Forehand dead ball bowls.

Forehand gate to near ditch.

Forehand to jack in ditch.

Forehand trail into ditch.

Four jack alternating.

Long jack backhand.

Long jack forehand.

Short jack trail.

Two jack backhand.

Two jack forehand.


Here is another exercise, deliberately set to practice for the 21m length ...

Four Bowl, Short and Long Jack.