2017 Bayside Challenge



CONDITIONS OF PLAY (amended November 2016)




       The competition is open to all Bowls Clubs within the Gateway District.




(a)     The competition is open to all financial male bowlers EXCEPT those who have played more than ONE game in any of the following competitions during the previous year:

.  Divisions 1 or 2 Pennants,

.  Premier League (not Premier League Reserve Division)

.  Super Challenge Gold


(b)     Any breach of this rule will result in the club forfeiting all points gained in any

match in which the ineligible player/s have participated.  Any points forfeited

Under this rule will NOT be re-allocated to the opposing team.


3.       FORMAT        +


(a)      The Challenge will be played in a round robin or two sections format depending on the number of teams nominated with the two leading teams in each format to meet in the final at the end of round play.


(b)      The final shall be played at a neutral venue to be decided by the executive, except if teams from the same club are the finalists, the game shall be played at that club.


(c)       Each round shall be played on Saturdays – roll up to commence at 12.45pm and play to commence at 1.00pm. Practice time shall be 30 minutes before start time on a different rink.


Alternatively, by mutual agreement by the clubs involved, play may be arranged to be played on Saturdays or Sundays at an agreed time.


(d)      The final shall be played on a Saturday with roll up to commence at 12.15pm    and play to commence at 12.30pm.


(e)      Each club will be eligible to field one or more teams of ten players.  Interchange of players between teams is NOT permitted.


(f)      Each match shall consist of the following games:


.  Two games of pairs                                          21 ends

.  Two games of two bowl triples     28 ends



(g)      At all times the competition must abide by the current ‘Laws of the Game of Bowls in Australia’ and the rules and by-laws of Bowls Queensland, GDBA and the controlling body.  In all contentious issues the decision of the Bayside Challenge Executive shall be final.


(h)      The venue club shall provide one umpire.


4.       SCORING       +


(a)      Two points for an overall win – based on total for/against scores.


(b)      Two points for a win or one point for draw on each rink.


(c)       If scores are level at the end of the round play then a percentage on the margin between overall points for and against shall decide the two leading teams to contest the final.


(d)      If scores are level at the end of the final then extra end/s shall be played on all rinks to determine the winner. Point’s allocation shall be the same as round play.


(e)      Completed score sheets are to be faxed to Bob Lynch by the host club as soon as possible after each match.  The fax number is recorded on the score sheet.  Points total at each venue must be ten (10) during round play.




(a)      If a match is abandoned due to weather or any legitimate reason, the clubs involved shall have the option to replay the match at a time suitable to both clubs. If an outstanding match is not replayed Clubs will be awarded five (5) points each with no reference to for or against scores.


(b)      A total of sixty six (66) ends shall constitute a completed match.  For the final all ends must be completed.




(a)      If a club elects to use stickers then all bowls used by that team must have them attached.


7 DRESS  +


(a)      Club attire shall be worn – as laid down by Bowls Queensland, GDBA and the host club rules and by-laws. This rule will not apply to Springwood while negotiations are taking place.




(a)      Green fees are payable to own club during round play and to the host club for the final.




(a)      All clubs are expected to provide light refreshments after the game is completed.



                                                  BAYSIDE CHALLENGE HISTORY


                The competition commenced in 2001.  Club winners have been:


                2001       Wynnum Manly Leagues                    2007       Cleveland              2013 Capalaba     

                2002       Redland                                                 2008       Wynnum               2014 Mt Gravatt                 

                2003       Cleveland                                              2009       Redland                 2015 Wynnum                    

                2004       Wynnum                                               2010       Redland                 2016 Victoria Point                            

                2005       Wynnum                                               2011       Belmont

                 2006      Capalaba                                                2012       Capalaba



                +              Amended 15th November 2016








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