2020 District

Champion of Champion Singles, Pairs and Fours



The closing dates for nomination of Club Champion of Champions events are as follows:


Fours: Monday 5th October 2020 Nomination fee $20.00 Playing dates Sat/Sun 14/15thNovember 2020


Pairs: Monday 5th.October 2020 - Nomination fee - $10.00 Playing dates Sat. 31/10/20 Sun 1/11/20.


Singles: Monday 7th. September 2020 Nomination fee - $5.00 Playing date Sat/Sun 3/10/20 4/10/20.


Please note that the Champion of Champions singles winner will progress to the zone final against the Gold Coast. (Date to be confirmed).


The Pairs and fours will not proceed to the zone this year.



All green fees are to be paid to the host Clubs by the player/s for all events including the zone playoff.




District Secretary.



Bank details:


Bank: Commonwealth.

BSB: 064172

Acc. No. 28007878

Acc. Name: Gateway District Bowls ASSOCIATION Inc,


Reference code: Singles 2010

Pairs - 2011

Fours - 2012







































Information will be posted here when avaialble.







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